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Shock Cooling Devices

Industrial cooling device is a specialized device used for the rapid and safe cooling of sensitive products such as food and medicine. It is designed to provide high performance even in challenging conditions such as shock rooms (SC4).

Features of the Device:

Dual-stage and screw compressor air-cooled condenser: This system offers high efficiency and durability.

Remote control panel: Allows you to control all functions of the device remotely.

Inverter technology: Can be designed with inverter technology according to demand, thus providing energy savings.

Dual circuit shock evaporators: Both floor type and ceiling type options are available.

Resistor fans: Minimizes the risk of icing.

Backup defrost heaters: Ensures rapid and effective defrosting of the evaporator.

Casing suitable for external weather conditions: Ensures protection of the device from external factors.

CE marked: Manufactured in compliance with European Union standards.

Nitrogen charged external unit: Ensures more efficient operation of the device. Ready for installation: Shipped ready for installation with electrical panel and all automatic control elements.


Compliance with standards: All our products comply with national and international standards.

High efficiency: Our devices are manufactured using the latest technology and offer high efficiency.

High electricity savings: Our devices are designed to save energy.

Compatible with GES projects: We have models that can work with solar energy systems.

Durable casing suitable for external environments: Equipped with durable cabinets suitable for outdoor use.

Minimum noise level: Our devices operate extremely quietly.

Reliable quality equipment: Our devices use the most reliable and high-quality equipment.

Complete product: Our devices are delivered with all the equipment necessary for installation.

Easy installation and assembly: Installation and assembly of our devices are quite easy.

Easy maintenance: Maintenance of our devices is easy and effortless.

Product variety: We have many products available in different capacities and specifications.

Possibility of special model design: We offer special model design service according to your needs.

Wide range of products: We have a wide range of products for your cooling and heating needs.

Compliance with HACCP standards: Our products comply with the necessary HACCP standards for food safety.

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