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Glass Cabinet Cold Room
  • European Standards
  • Types
    CrNi, Aluminum, PVC, POLY
  • Door Thickness
    80 or 120 mm
  • Accessories
    Energy saving LED
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IE COOLING modular cold rooms are produced with new production technologies and do not require any cutting and cutting process during assembly.

Along with the installation manual and Allen key sent by the user without any additional tools can be installed according to the panel numbers can be installed by locking the Allen key.

The production of panels is made according to the dimensions of 1: 1 and during the installation without any cutting process is installed and panel backing is prevented 100%.

Thanks to the special gaskets used in the production stage, heat permeability is prevented without the use of silicon and foam during the assembly stage and it ensures that 100% of the heat loss to be caused by assembly errors is prevented.

The refrigeration unit is sent to the single panel indoor and outdoor units as shown in the picture. After the installation of the room to operate the cooling unit, you only need to connect the device (220V) to the wall outlet.

In cafes, patisseries, butchers and all businesses that need a cold store, you can easily order over the internet and install yourself as a wardrobe in your home within a few hours..


  • IE Cooling produces a range of more than 80 standard models of semi-modular cold rooms.
  • 80 or 120 mm panel thickness options.
  • 42 kg/m³ density polyurethane insulation.
  • Sandwich panels allow easy assembly.
  • Perfect door match with gaskets and easy heat system (Easy heating system is available at deep freeze rooms)
  • Wide range of models from 2,7 m³ to 100 m³.
  • Internal and external panels designed in accordance to hygiene standards.
  • Production with CFC-free high pressure injected polyurethane insulation.
  • Quick and easy assembly due to the integral locking system.
  • Powerful and economic cooling system to reach the desired temperature in a short time.
  • Energy saving LED illumination.
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