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Cold Room
  • European Standards
  • Types
    CrNi, Aluminum, PVC, POLY
  • Devices
    Ease of assembly
  • Accessories
    Stainless Steel
  • Catalog

Cold storage excellent heat insulation, easy and fast installation.It is used for all products that need frozen storage with its hygienic structure and economical price.Very good quality, the best technology produced in the cold rooms that provide energy saving your budget does not force and quality is produced so you do not need to spend much.


Korkmaz Industry cold stores are categorized according to the product to be stored and in intended use:

  • Pre cooling room (+5 to +15 degrees)
  • Cold storage (-5 to +5 degrees)
  • Freezer room (-30 to -15 degrees)
  • Blast freezer (-40 to -30 degrees); Fast cooling that reduces food to very low temperatures in a short time
  • Double stage cold room (-18 to +5 degrees); Dull when necessary, cold storage when necessary
  • Heated cooled housing (0 to +20 degrees); Keep cool when necessary, cold when necessary
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