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PVC Case Swing Door

Swing doors are an ideal solution for quick entry and exit in cold and frozen storage rooms. Thanks to their special design, they can open and close rapidly and can be produced in various sizes.


Usage Areas: Cold and frozen storage rooms Fast Opening and Closing: Provides quick entry and exit thanks to the impact locking system.

Special Design: Can be custom-designed and produced in various sizes according to your needs.

Adjustable Case Thickness: The case thickness can be adjusted according to panel thickness or wall.

Rising or Adjustable Hinges: Adapts to different working conditions.

Internal and External Opening: The door lock can be opened from inside and outside.

Material Options: POLY, PVC, CR-NI sheet options are available.

General Features:

Hygienic: Manufactured using hygienic materials compliant with European standards.

Durable: Resistant to chemical disinfectants.

Case Options: Aluminum, PVC, POLY, and CR-NI case options are available.

Heat Bridges Prevented: Heat bridges are prevented through special design.

Wing Thickness: Produced in 68 mm, 92 mm, and 120 mm thicknesses according to the desired temperature to be maintained.

Wing Filling: Filled with polyurethane foam with a density of 42 (±2) kg/m³.

Wing Coating Options: Options include imported PVC film-coated galvanized sheet, painted sheet, or A 304 quality stainless steel.

Window and Door Option: Optional window or door can be added onto the wing.

Carrying Accessories: Made of hygienic reinforced composite plastic or stainless steel materials.

Gasket: Uses gasket on all four sides to prevent cold air leaks.

Lock Options: Sliding door lock (with internal safety release handle) or automatic locking system can be added.

Impact Protection: Optional polyethylene or stainless-steel bumpers can be added.

Swing doors offer a hygienic and fast solution in cold and frozen storage rooms. These doors, which can be customized according to different needs, increase the efficiency of your business.

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