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Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding doors are divided into two categories based on their application areas and the temperatures of the products to be preserved:

Cold Room Doors: Cold room doors used at temperatures of 0°C and above are ideal for preserving the freshness of food, medicine, and other sensitive products. These doors stand out with excellent thermal insulation and hygienic design, providing energy savings and product safety.

Frozen Storage Room Doors: Designed specifically for long-term preservation of frozen products such as ice cream at temperatures below 0°C, frozen storage room doors minimize cold air loss to preserve the flavor and texture of the products.

Horizontal sliding doors provide a safe and hygienic passage in cold and frozen storage rooms, offering solutions tailored to every need with two different case options and various accessories.

Case Options:

PVC case: A hygienic and economical option reinforced with composite plastic accessories.

Anodized aluminum case: A durable and long-lasting option with stainless steel accessories.

Heating Resistor in Frozen Storage Room Doors:

-A single-row heating resistor is located inside the gasket of aluminum cases of frozen storage room doors.

-This resistor prevents freezing and sticking of the gasket.

Hygienic Design:

-The cases and wings of all sliding cold room doors are suitable for all types of hygienic washing.

-Special hygienic materials are used to prevent bacterial formation.

Motor Equipment:

-Motors are mounted on the door wing and do not require additional space.

-Standard features include partial opening, automatic closing, photocell, internal opening button, and safety sensor.

Door Wing:

-Four different thicknesses are available for cold room doors (70, 80, 90, and 100 mm).

-Four different thicknesses are available for frozen storage room doors (90, 100, 120, and 150 mm).

-Monoblock production with 40-43 kg/m³ CFC-free polyurethane foam filling.

-Anodized aluminum wing frame.

-Single or double-row EPDM gasket (for frozen room doors).

-Standard 0.5 mm thick 130µ PVC-coated galvanized sheet.

-Optional 25µ RAL painted or A304 quality stainless steel sheet.

Rail System:

-Rail system made of anodized aluminum.

-Production with a bottom rail system without floor slide.

-Suitable for hygienic washing.

Threshold Options:

-Various threshold options are available according to needs.

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