• 71+ Country
  • 2 Years Warranty
  • 10,000+ Satisfied Customers

We are increasing our satisfied customers day by day by offering the most efficient results with our cold storage systems for all sectors in need. We help you take the right steps while earning with our modern slaughterhouse and meat processing facilities, which we have established for you by considering every detail.

Thanks to our entire production, processing, storage and storage chain, we offer turnkey projects from a single source in an integrated manner.

We have realized successful projects in Turkey with Pınar Integrated Facilities, Erpiliç, Meat and Milk Corporation, British American Tobacco, Ülker, Bim, Migros, McDonald's, Burger King, Sütaş, Turkish Airlines and many other leading brands.

In the world, we have delivered our cooling solutions with large-scale projects to 71 countries from different continents and regions, especially the Netherlands, France, England, Sweden, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Nigeria, Maldives

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