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Potato, which is one of the most stored products, is very suitable for long-term storage. There is a storage process for potatoes consisting of 4 stages.

Treatment process: Potatoes, which are kept for 2 weeks in a warehouse with 90% relative humidity between 15-18 degrees, heals during harvest and transportation, their skin becomes hard and water loss is reduced. Care is taken to ensure that the water loss in potatoes does not exceed 8%. Air velocity is kept high during the treatment process. In this way, wetting of the potatoes is prevented, especially in the upper layers of the stacks. In this process, it is ensured that the carbon dioxide rate does not exceed 0.5%.

Cooling process: It is slowly cooled to between 6 and 8 degrees in 2-3 weeks. During this period, the air velocity is reduced and the relative humidity is kept at 90-95%.

Resting period: During this period, the storage temperature is between 6 °C and 8 °C and the store relative humidity is 90-95%, and the storage period may increase up to 5 months depending on the variety. If the temperature drops, sweetening occurs. In case of sweetening in any way, if the potatoes are kept at 15 degrees for 2 weeks at the end of storage, the sweetening is removed. However, when the sugar rate rises to 1-2%, the sweetening cannot be completely eliminated.

Waking up process: At the end of the resting period, potatoes begin to give 2 times more carbon dioxide, heat and water vapor compared to the previous period and almost come to life. In this period, only the air speed is increased and the rate of fresh air taken into the warehouse is increased. Before germination is allowed, the storage temperature is increased above 10 degrees.

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