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If artichokes are to be stored for a short time, they should be kept in a 90-100% relative humidity environment at 0 degrees. In order to maintain quality and have a long storage time, on the day of harvesting, the temperature of artichokes must be lowered below 5 degrees. To prevent dehydration, artichoke flowers are placed in cardboard boxes with candles or cardboard boxes wrapped in perforated film. These holes are important for filtering the remaining water from hydrocooling (cooling with water) and expelling the heat and gas that occurs as a result of breathing.

Artichokes of good quality can be kept at 0 degrees for 2-3 weeks without decay or frost damage. In addition, artichoke heads are less likely to deteriorate if the stem is long, and these artichokes are more durable.

The freezing process is done immediately after the artichokes are boiled by following the cooling and packaging steps according to their size with cold.

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