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Pineapple should be stored in an environment between 7-13 degrees and relative humidity of 85-90%. The normal storage period of pineapple, which is sensitive to cold and cannot be stored for a long time, is 2-4 weeks. Hawaiian pineapples are harvested when they are half ripe and can be stored for 2 weeks at 7-13 degrees. Shelf life is 1 week after leaving the warehouse. Fully ripened fruits are kept at 7 degrees. Pineapples should not be harvested while green-ripe because pineapples do not ripen after harvest.

At very low temperatures, a dull skin color is formed on the fruits and darkening is observed around the watery areas and the core. In addition, these fruits begin to deteriorate after storage. The most common disease, rot, is experienced during transport or sale. This disease does not occur at 7 degrees, but this temperature is suitable only for the transportation and marketing stages of fully ripe fruit.

Atmosphere-controlled storage with 2% oxygen at 7 degrees reduces mold growth. A 20% paraffin-polyethylene water mixture is prepared and waxing can be done with this mixture, which reduces the deterioration due to cold hitting.

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