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Long-term storage is difficult in cherries and sour cherries, which are delicate fruits. Only firm-fleshed varieties should be stored. Sour cherries can be stored at -1 degrees for 4-5 days, and cherries can be stored for 2 weeks between 0 and 2 degrees. The relative humidity in the storage environment should be 90-95%. While sour cherries do not lose their flavor at -1 degrees, cherries lose their flavor at this temperature compared to ideal storage.

Since they are easily spoiled fruits, cherries and sour cherries must be kept in chilled conditions and pre-cooling must be done immediately after harvest. The controlled atmosphere created by the polyethylene bags can extend the storage life. By controlling the atmosphere at 20-25% carbon dioxide or 0.5-2% oxygen levels, the vitality of the fruit, the green of the stem and the bright color can be preserved.

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