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The storage temperature for avocados differs according to the type. Lula, Booth 1, Booth 8 and Taylor are cold resistant strains and can be stored for 4-8 weeks at 4 degrees. Fuchs, Pollock and Waldin strains are cold resistant and can be stored for a maximum of 2 weeks at 13 degrees. Some breeds, such as Fuerte, Hass and Booth 7, which are moderately resistant to cold, can be stored for 2 weeks at 7.2 degrees. Again, the relative humidity should be at the level of 85-90%.

The optimum temperature for the ripening of avocados is between 15-24 degrees. In addition, avocados that can be frozen in mashed form can be stored for 1 year using airtight packages at -18 degrees.

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