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In cold storage stores, apples are protected at 0 to 2 degrees. It is noted that many apple varieties are kept for a long time in an environment with -1 to 0 degrees and 85-90% relative humidity. The apple freezes at -2 degrees. The varieties that are cold storage in our country are Golden Delicious, Starking Delicious and Granny Smith in general.

Golden Delicious's fruits are medium large/large in size. Fruit meat is white, hard, juicy and tasty. The shell color is green and turns yellow as it ripens. Storage life is 5 months when 0 degree 90% relative humidity is provided for cold storage.

Starking Delicious apple variety is also medium large/large in size. Fruit meat shows similar characteristics to the Golden variety. The conditions of storage of this variety, whose shell color is yellow-red and red, are 0 degrees and 90% relative humidity. Warehouse life is 7 months.

The fruits of the Granny Smith apple variety are medium large/large. The meat of the fruit with a bright vivid green color is white, hard, very juicy and has a pleasant sour taste of its own, it is a very high quality apple variety. Warehouse life in a 90% relative humidity environment at 3 degrees is 9 months.

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