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The Power That Protects Your Profit

Korkmaz Industry has been among the distinguished companies in the sector with its ventilation, air conditioning, stainless hospital equipment, hygienic and cold room panels manufacturing and contracting works for 27 years. It offers a profitable solution partnership with world-renowned certified products, R&D studies, wide product range, increased product range according to developing conditions, capacity and supply power.

Business partnerships established with the principle of customer satisfaction are strengthened with a sustainable fixed price policy, and turn into strong ties with the solution proposal developed to increase your income.

Our Company Profile

Our Dealer Network Covers Turkey

Korkmaz Industry currently produces ventilation, industrial chrome chimneys, warehouses, cold storage panels and cooling devices in an indoor area of 10.000 m² with its 130 employees. It has built prestigious construction sites in the country and has a distinguished customer potential. It has established a dealer network in almost every region of Turkey.

Our Growth Strategy

By marketing the products we produce to the whole world through our dealers, we collect qualified works within our own structure and carry out turnkey works. We are creating our own brand for the products we have already produced.

We Are Strong With Our R&D

We consider hygiene and insulation as the main topic, produce products that will provide high efficiency with less energy, and create modular uses and easy-to-assemble rooms that will minimize manpower.

Our Responsibilities

are Big We try to provide resources for different school libraries, we take part in environmentally friendly greening projects. We prepare articles on many topics on different platforms

We Value Recycling

We ensure the recycling of our wastes by minimizing the environmental damage of the products we produce.

Rewarding Our Work

  • T.O.B 100 Fastest Developing Firms in Turkey Award
  • TÜMSİAD Businessman of the Year Award
  • MUSIAD Food and Technology Support Award


Being the unchanging name of the summit with innovative solutions


To contribute to life, its stakeholders and the development of the country in the triangle of human, society and environment.

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