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Cold storage is where food and beverages are stored and preserved in a cold environment. These warehouses help extend the life of fresh produce by controlling the humidity level while keeping the food at the right temperature.

Thus, cold storage, which allow to minimize waste and saves money, is also a method of keeping your money in your pocket by saving energy. An efficient, high-quality, well-functioning cold room costs less than a large number of ordinary refrigerators and freezers.


Waste causes negative human feelings when both the waste of production and the disadvantaged masses in terms of food access are considered. According to the report of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, 1.3 billion tons of food is wasted annually in the world. The financial equivalent of this huge amount is 1 trillion dollars. Fruits and vegetables are in the first place. The prime example is the apple. One out of every 5 apples produced worldwide goes to waste. This means 15 million tons of apples per year, that is, 600,000 truckloads of apples worth 30 billion dollars. In general, it is said that 821 million hungry people in the world could be fed if only one fourth of the wasted could be saved. While this is the case, it is necessary to take measures to avoid waste, both individually and institutionally. With cold storage methods that prevent food from going to waste and allow it to be used for long periods, it is possible to draw a large barrier to waste.


The first storage methods begin in natural caves. Romans BC. The techniques he started in the first half of the 100th year continued for centuries and inspired today's technologies. Today, the increase in the world population, concentration in cities, the mechanization of agriculture, innovations in food processing and storage methods have led to the development of the cold chain and cold storage to a large extent. It is estimated that the world cold storage capacity exceeds 600 million cubic meters. While the UK, Denmark, USA, Germany, France, Canada, Chile lead the way in terms of cold air per capita in cubic meters, this rate is lower in undeveloped countries. E.g; There is 1 m3 cold storage area for 1 person in the Netherlands, 1 m3 for 11 people in Turkey, and 1 m3 for 1,000 people in African countries.


We can summarize the ways to make money in food in 3 items.

1) Processing the product and including it in a different category by changing the shape of the food, adding added value and increasing the income. Ex: Obtaining butter from milk.

2) Producing food where it is mostly available and selling it elsewhere where it is less available. For example: Producing the banana in India and selling it to Europe.

3) To store and sell food at a different time than when it was produced. For example: Collecting potatoes in June and putting them on the market in December.

Looking at these items, all roads lead to good storage. No one wants to experience financial losses in food, where separate efforts and efforts are spent in each of the production, logistics and sales steps. Therefore, the need for cold storage methods and processing facilities, which include technologies that eliminate losses, is evident.

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